Creating a Peaceful Preschool

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With the unrest and despair happening in today’s society, this quote stuck out in my mind:

“If we want real peace in this world, we should start with educating children.” – Ghandi

Classrooms should be the starting point where peace, love and acceptance for others are taught. Our mission states that KUM is a “safe, nurturing, Christian environment where all children can learn and grow.” My hope for KUM is that we create an environment which welcomes and respects children and their families regardless of race, religion, or culture.  Our school should reflect the positive society in which we strive for. The goals for creating a peaceful preschool is to build caring classroom communities, foster cooperation versus competition, promote conflict resolution strategies, and provide positive social models. I walk through the classrooms at KUM, and it warms my heart. I see children working together to design a block structure on the light table. Children are also peacefully negotiating the rules of a board game. Hugs and kind words are exchanged at the closing of the school day.  I see that our school is following a peaceful path, one that will pave the way to a promising future for our society.


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