Preschool and Covid-19 Survey Results

Preschool Directordirector's notes

The Co-Op Program

Our Co-Op program is a unique, yet valuable, asset to our preschool. It allows teachers and families to form strong relationships as they become partners in their child’s overall development.

Due to these uncertain times, and our pledge to keep all families safe and healthy during our fall reunion, the decision to continue the Co-Op program is in question. The Co-Op program brings 6-10 new adults in the building every day. This goes against the CDC and county recommendations to maintain static grouping in order to reduce exposure. Our preschool survey reported that 75% of the families agreed to postpone the Co- Op program for one year, due to the pandemic. Not all agreed to do so at a slight increase in tuition. Sadly, this is when I have to put on my director’s hat, (not the fun hat that likes to play chase on the playground though), and share with you how postponing the Co-Op program will affect the school’s yearly budget. In order to hire assistants for 12 classes, it will increase my salary expenses $55,000. Without a slight tuition increase, we would be starting off our year at a deficit. I want very badly to open our doors in the safest manner possible, and keep them open for years to come. This is not a normal year. The board voted this past week to postpone the Co-Op program for the 2020-2021 school year, and approved a 5-6% tuition increase to help balance the budget. This will help us hire the assistants necessary to continue with our fall reunion. These assistants will be valuable assets to our staff as they help maintain a clean, safe, and stable environment while supporting the students and teachers.

Please understand that I see both sides of this coin. I know that family salaries and employment may have been affected during the pandemic- mine included. If this increase will cause your family hardships, please reach out. We can work to find ways to support you. Attached to this email is a scholarship form if you will need financial assistance this school year. If you would like to be put on our school sub list, there is an employment application form you may request. Subs make $12 per hour and this money can be applied toward a discounted tuition amount. Subs will be vetted, go through a Missouri DHSS background check, and have health screenings when in the building. The new tuition amounts are included. I appreciate your consideration and understanding in this matter.

Click here to download the flyer with the survey results and 20-21 tuition rates.